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OK, so can I ____ in Infinite Grid?

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OK, so can I ____ in Infinite Grid?

Infinite Grid is separated into two main sections. The regions hosted by the grid itself are PG. The rules in these regions are very limiting and are strictly enforced by staff members. If you have to ask if you can, chances are you cannot.

The other section of Infinite Grid are the regions owned and operated by grid residents. These regions are neither hosted by, nor controlled by Infinite Grid or its staff. We believe strongly in the privacy of our residents and have no interest in knowing or regulating what goes on in resident owned regions.

Universally we will take action for the following offenses, subject to change as we mature as a grid:

  1. Attacking the grid infrastructure.
  2. Copybotting.  This includes using the NPC functions to clone people without their permission.
  3. Not respecting the PG rules in grid owned regions.
  4. Harassment or open hostility towards any other resident.
  5. Uploading of naughty photos depicting real human beings under the age of 18.  The intent of this rule is to prevent the uploading of child porn.  Many paintings and some drawings are so detailed as to also fall within this category, as they are indistinguishable from photographs of real human beings.  Images of avatars do not fall within this category.  When in doubt, err on the side of caution or ask a member of IG staff.