Welcome to the Infinite Grid web site.

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Infinte Grid is a private little world for our friends.

By "friends" we mean the friends of the grid founders, our friends, friends of our friends, all the way to complete strangers, so long as they are a friend of someone we know.

By "world" we mean a 3D virtual world (usually called a "grid") based on OpenSim/SecondLife technology.  The stuff on this web site is for supporting the in world stuff for our members.

By "little" we mean that it's just a small hobby grid, paid for by donations and what ever funds the founders can spare.  It's not meant to grow into a huge grid, we can't afford that.  On the other hand, the founders and staff are mostly professional geeks, some of us with experience in running commercial grids.  So it's our hobby, but we know what we are doing and the grid runs well.  Even better than some commercial grids.

By "private" we mean that you can only get in by invitation, and by being vouched for by an existing member.  Also, members can hook their own private regions / sims up to our grid.  We treat privacy very seriously.  For this reason, most of what is on this web site, and access to the grid, is only available to our friends that are members.

For information about becoming a member

Please help keep the grid running by donating the funds we need to pay for the server rental.  It takes a lot of computing resources to run a virtual world, even a small one, so the grid server is expensive.

You can join us in the jabber/XMPP grid chat room with the web based chat client. Or use a normal jabber/XMPP client and join gridchat@conference.jabber.infinitegrid.org

If you are just checking to see who is online, try the chat room, there might be more people checking to see who is online, just waiting for you to go online first.