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Infinite Grid is a private grid, and we take privacy very seriously here.  We have no interest in your real life.  There are two things we need to know however.  A valid email address, and your date of birth.

On registration of your account the system will ask you for an email address.  This is so that the system can send you the typical validation email.  Validation emails is one method used to keep spammers out of the system.  The system will send other emails depending on how you configure your account.  These will be notifications of responses to your posts, private messages sent to you by other members, that sort of thing.  Your email address will not be given to anyone.

On registration of your account you will be required to fill in your date of birth.  This is used to keep children out of the site, since there is adult content here.  Your date of birth will not be given to anyone.

The email address that you give can be one you create specifically for this site, thus it can not divulge any private information if you so desire.  Your date of birth does not disclose much private information by itself, as there are billions of people alive in the world today, and only about 50 thousand possible dates of birth shared between them.  So approximately 170 thousand people on this planet will share your date of birth.

It's entirely optional to supply your time zone.  It will be used to display various times in your local time zone for your convenience.  This time zone could be considered private information, as it might help to locate you.  It would only be a very rough location.

Your IP address is sent to all web sites and Internet services that you use, coz that's just how the Internet works.  The web sites and services need to know your IP address so that they can actually send information back to you, like the web pages you asked for.  A typical home Internet connection will likely have it's IP address changed at random times, or whenever you reset your home router.  There are services to find a location from an IP address, but they rely on your ISP providing this information to these services.  Some ISPs provide detailed information, some provide none at all.  If this is a privacy concern of yours, complain to your ISP, there's nothing we can do to stop your ISP from providing that information to these services.  Most web sites log IP information, as do a lot of other Internet services.  This actually happens automatically by default, so it's hard to stop the software logging IP addresses.  We will try to remove IP addresses from our systems, but it's an uphill battle.

Most viewer software uses your MAC address and hard drive serial number for part of the logging in procedure.  This is LL's fault, they invented the system, and they insist that viewers connecting to their servers work that way.  We consider that a breach of privacy, but at the moment there's not much we can do about it.  The meta-impy viewer has that privacy breach disabled, which is why you cannot use it on SecondLife.  It's the recommended viewer for Infinite Grid though, coz we take privacy very seriously.  Your MAC and hard drive serial number are not stored by Infinite Grid.

The very few people that run Infinite Grid do have access to your email address, IP address, date of birth, and time zone.  They have full access to the system and can see everything, that's just how things work.  The same is true of all web sites.  We promise not to divulge any of this information unless forced to by law.  There are quite a few software systems, written by others, used on the Infinite Grid servers to provide services to our members, and we are a tiny team.  This means that there may be privacy breaches lurking in the various bits of software that we are not aware off.  We will do our best to protect your privacy, but can not make any guarantees.


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