Frequently Asked Questions

To provide the framework and central infrastructure of a virtual world grid to which privately owned and operated regions can be connected. To form a single community where friends can meet, socialise, and easily keep in contact in an environment where tolerance and privacy are at the forefront; allowing people to freely express themselves in whatever way they wish in the privacy of their own regions.

What you do in your region is your business. We are running a purely PG grid, open to privately hosted regions, where the region owners make up the rules of their region. We don't investigate behaviour on private regions. We will respond to DMCA take down requests and remove content from our systems if it is there wrongly. So don't think we are a haven for copy botters and rip off artists. We offer privacy, not piracy.

1. Contact a person one on one who has the ability to host regions on our grid and ask about renting some land or an entire region from them.

2. Contact a company that provides opensim region hosting for 'open grids'. There are many. We will be happy to work with you and your chosen company to get your region connected to our grid. See this link for a list of opensim hosting providers : ... providers/

OK, so can I ____ in Infinite Grid?

Infinite Grid is separated into two main sections. The regions hosted by the grid itself are PG. The rules in these regions are very limiting and are strictly enforced by staff members. If you have to ask if you can, chances are you cannot.

The other section of Infinite Grid are the regions owned and operated by grid residents. These regions are neither hosted by, nor controlled by Infinite Grid or its staff. We believe strongly in the privacy of our residents and have no interest in knowing or regulating what goes on in resident owned regions.

Nothing concrete has been decided yet, we are still considering many options and invite ideas and feedback from residents!

One option is a classic in world currency bought from the central grid and used for transactions throughout the grid.

Other options are solutions based on systems outside the grid. Some require only scripted objects, others require changes to the region's software. Some may be easier with changes made to the viewer software. Some examples:

1. Bitcoin
2. V$
3. PayPal

Currently grid membership is by invitation only, and requires permission from the grid operators. Although most viewer programs will work to some degree, we think the best experience is had when using Imprudence 1.4, or meta-impy. The login URI is

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