How to join.

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The instructions for becoming an Infinite Grid member.

Infinite Grid is a private grid, so you can only be a member if you are a friend of someone that is already a member.  They have to vouch for you, and they should only vouch for you if they think you will be a good member.  So there are a few steps you have to go through.

  1. First thing you will need is a friend to vouch for you that is already a member.  You wont get far without friends.
  2. Decide what your in world name will be.  It needs to be two words, a limitation of the grid software.
  3. Read the Infinite Grid terms of service.  They are the rules members must abide by.
  4. Create a new account on this web site.  Use the two word name you decided on in step 2.  This does not automatically create a grid account, yet.
  5. After going through the usual email verification step that most web sites use to help keep spammers out, you will be taken to a page where a you can tell us a bit about yourself.
  6. If you do not get the validation email, check your spam folder.
  7. Tell us a bit about yourself.  Tell us who you think might vouch for you, so we can remind them to vouch for you.
  8. Eventually, your friends might vouch for you.  After they do, the site admins will make you a proper member on the web site.
  9. You will get another email with more instructions.
  10. If you are logged onto the web site, you will need to log out.  Then log in to the web site again.  This will create your in world account with the same name and password you used on this web site.
  11. Get an OpenSim/SecondLife compatible viewer.  We recommend meta-impy or Imprudence (1.4.0 version, even though it's still beta).
  12. Follow these instructions to add Infinite Grid to your viewer.  Note that meta-impy has that done for you already.


Note: Some email providers classify our emails as spam and put them in your spam folder or reject them completely. If you feel you are not receiving emails, please send an email or IM to infinite onefang via the forums and I'll contact you using an alternate method.

Important note: It has been stated twice above, underlined, and in bold, that you need a two word name.  There it is a third time.  This is important.  Accounts created with a single word name are subject to deletion at any time with no warning.  I automated it, and oddly, it's keeping spammers out.