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How do I get land?

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1. Contact a person one on one who has the ability to host regions on our grid and ask about renting some land or an entire region from them.

2. Contact a company that provides opensim region hosting for 'open grids'. There are many. We will be happy to work with you and your chosen company to get your region connected to our grid. See this link for a list of opensim hosting providers : ... providers/

3. Host regions on your home computer. It will only be on the grid and available to others when your home computer is on and connected to the internet. Though not extremely difficult, you should be comfortable working on your computer to attempt it. Usually the most difficult task is opening up ports on your router or firewall so others can connect to your hosted regions.

4. Contact a server hosting company and rent a server on the internet, install the opensim software, and configure it to connect to our grid. While harder than having a opensim region hosting company do it for you, you will get more or better region hosting for the same amount of money. We will provide you with example configuration files that require only a few changes to enable your server to connect with our grid. There are residents of the grid you can hire who have experience doing this who can set up and maintain your software for you. You would still be responsible for paying your server host.