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Welcome to the Infinite Grid web site.
Infinte Grid is a private little world for our friends.

By "friends" we mean the friends of the grid founders, our friends, friends of our friends, all the way to complete strangers, so long as they are a friend of someone we know.

By "world" we mean a 3D virtual world (usually called a "grid") based on OpenSim/SecondLife technology.  The stuff on this web site is for supporting the in world stuff for our members.

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Infinite Grid status

Insert information about the status of IG here. Um, last I checked it was still there, with people in it, and everything.

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Welcome newbie.

This is your first step in becoming a member.  Please wait for your validation email, then follow the instrutions it contains.

The validation email method is a common way web sites try to keep spammers out of their systems.  It's not perfect, but there are other methods we use to help with that task.  On the other hand, email providers like to keep spammers out to, and sometimes they think that emails with lots of links in them are spam.  So if you don't get your validation email soon, check your spam folder.

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How to join the Infinite Grid chat room

You can join our public chat channel via your jabber id or gtalk account. Using an IM client like pidgin.

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Installing OpenSim

Some notes on using our tarball to install/upgrade Opensim

Inside your opensim folder are a few files that are worth noting.


The following files contain IG specific configuration information.

You must include our settings in these for your software to work properly with our Grid



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NAT Loopback and Windows 7 - Updated 11/2012

You should already have a working OpenSim server up and running, connected and successfully registered to Infinitegrid.

If you have a static IP Address (common with some Cable-Internet-Providers) you can be happy. No DynDNS is required, in this case.

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Privacy policy

Infinite Grid is a private grid, and we take privacy very seriously here.  We have no interest in your real life.  There are two things we need to know however.  A valid email address, and your date of birth.

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Add Infinite Grid to your viewer

How to Add infiniteGrid to your viewer using Grid manager:

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